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How Bulk Food Suppliers Can Help Reduce Head Start Budgets
What We Do

We provide expense consultations to human service organizations across the United States. Food & Supply Source consistently saves agencies 10-35% on food costs. This is a savings our customers typically re-invest into operations or programmatic enhancements. In today’s environment it is essential to keep overhead costs down.

We analyze current expenditures and provide you with a direct comparison. The goal is to provide cost-savings awareness so you have the necessary information and tools to make sound business decisions.

Food & Supply Source believes in helping organizations, many being nonprofits whose mission includes helping others within their communities. That is why our management team chose to develop a win-win system of giving back to programs and their respective associations.

How it Works

Food & Supply Source leverages purchasing power with our distributors throughout the U.S. Our expertise is in supporting and making your job easier by negotiating the lowest possible prices and wrap-around services for you. Additionally, we guarantee pricing with our distributors, with semi–annual re-audits to ensure price integrity in the program.

Cost Analysis

The process begins with you providing us with an actual invoice. Our staff will research and compile an exact comparison. This is not a commitment, just a simple exploratory step to help you decide if you would like to learn more about the value Food & Supply Source brings to your table.

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