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What is NutriSource?

NutriSource is an innovative menu production and nutrition analysis software offered to our customers, free of charge. Helping you achieve your menu planning goals & nutrition requirements.

How Much Does it Cost?

As long as you are purchasing food through one of our distributors, you can request up to 5 different menu reports generated by NutriSource. These services are all done in-house by our team of dedicated NutriSource Specialists and reviewed by one of our Registered Dietitians. Our goal when developing this software was to offer our valued members a way to receive nutrition information and menu assistance for free.

How Can I Get Started?

If you are already a customer, complete the NutriSource Request Form and upload your current menus. A NutriSource Specialist will follow up by phone to learn more about your organization’s needs and develop a timeline.

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What Types of Reports Can I Request?

Menus: Our NutriSource team begins with your current menus and offers alternative ideas based on your program’s objectives. Your account will be assigned one of our Registered Dietitians who will guide you throughout the process. Our system accommodates up to a 6 week cycle and can generate portion size variations according to age group or school grade level. Therapeutic diet, allergen, and special diet restriction menus can also be developed by request.

Cost Report: Based on the menu and portions being served, NutriSource can generate a report that breaks your menu down by price. Our software is linked to each individual product you are purchasing through your distributor and calculates the cost per day per serving. Each Cost Report is completely customized to your organization’s purchases and menu. No two customer’s reports are the same. The Cost Report shows you the total cost of each meal, helping to highlight opportunities to maximize savings.


Recipe Book: NutriSource has hundreds of contemporary and traditional recipes representing a wide variety of regional and cultural preferences. You can choose to keep your current recipes or utilize any of the recipes provided by NutriSource. Our team can provide you with an electronic file or hard copy to serve as your recipe reference source. The Recipe Book can be customized to any number of servings and includes step-by-step instructions on how to create each meal in an easy to read format for your staff.

Nutrition Analysis: By far the most requested and popular report, the Nutrition Analysis shows the nutrient composition (calories, protein, fat, fiber, sodium, etc.) of every item on your menu. You can feel confident that your meals and snacks are meeting recommended requirements. Our dietitians have years of experience with Child Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), National School Lunch Program (NSLP), and many other nutrition-focused regulations.

Custom Menus: Our custom designed menus offer a visually appealing, customer-friendly format for you to share on your own website or in your facility. We use your organization’s logo and seasonal images to make your food program stand out!

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