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FAQ’s Surrounding CACFP

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes; our team is fully aware and educated on all current regulations pertaining to CACFP.  Our registered dieticians undergo regular continuing education to ensure that our knowledge is in sync with the current regulations.

Absolutely, FSS will help you obtain all documentation need to comply to CACFP regulations as it relates to child nutrition.

As a Food & Supply Source customer our team has complete access to all items available at your distributor. We will work with you to ensure that your menus are in compliance.

Yes, our NutriSource software publishes a detailed report showing nutrient breakdown per meal, per food item.

At Food & Supply Source we have multiple registered dieticians on staff to review your menu for CACFP compliance.

Yes; at FSS we have access to over 10,000 recipes that can be tailored to your program’s specific needs. Our recipes can be CACFP as needed ensuring creditable items are incorporated.

Yes! At Food & Supply Source all of our recipes are costed down to the item level.  You will know how much each meal will cost.