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All Food & Supply Source (FSS) customers will have access to our NutriSource Team comprised of registered dietitians and program specialists. Our team will analyze your menus for CACFP compliance and guide you in all your nutritional requirement needs.

Let us be your dedicated resource for all CACFP food related needs.

What we do:

When you become a FSS customer and begin ordering through our network of distributors, our NutriSource Team will have access to every item at your distributor.  This is a key factor in the ease of menu planning and compliance with CACFP. By having complete access to your distributors inventory we are able to choose specific CACFP compliant items needed for your recipes/menus.

How we do it:

Our team will work with your foodservice team on your menu needs.  Whether it is to create new menus, update with creditable items or completely overhaul the menu offerings; we are here to help. Once our NutriSource Team understands your specific needs and requirements we will work with our Registered Dietitians to craft a menu that meets your goals and objectives and is compliant to current guidelines.

What this means for you:

Time saved!  Having the Food & Supply Source NutriSource Team at your service saves you valuable time, money and energy  that can be applied elsewhere in your program. Our team is structured to do all the research that you are required to do to be in compliance with CACFP. Let the experts at Food & Supply Source help you save time and money in your CACFP program.

How much does this program cost? :

Nothing!  The only requirement to get our menu services is that you buy food through our distributor network.  The best part of it is with over $10 billion dollars in buying power; you should see a savings compared to your current costs.  Many of our customers are saving 10-35% off their current food distribution costs.  Let us show you how much you can save – just click here to start the no obligation process: