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Reduce Office Supply Costs and Manage Head Start Purchases: Head Start
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Reduce Office Supply Costs and Manage Head Start Purchases

There are certain purchases associated with running an early childhood education program that cannot be neglected. While it is possible to lower supply costs for extra “nice to have” supplies and services, some purchases are required for the daily operation and success of the program. Office supplies are needed to stay on top of paperwork and record-keeping requirements, making them very much an essential purchase. However, it is important to reduce office supply costs whenever you can to ensure that the money for your Head Start program is being used as effectively as possible.

One way to accomplish this is through programs like Supply Source, which help administrators to manage Head Start purchases through increased buying power for early childhood education and other non-profit human service organizations. Thousands of programs just like yours all work together under this no-cost program to increase discounts and lower supply costs for office, cleaning, janitorial, equipment and food purchasing. In fact, participants in the Supply Source program have realized a 10-35 percent annual savings on average compared to their previous spending plan.

Getting Started With Supply Source

All you need to do to get in on the discounts and reduce office supply costs with Supply Source is to give us a call. We will send out one of our experienced auditors to go over your current spending habits and inventory to find new ways for you to lower supply costs and save that money for your early childhood education service. This program is completely free for non-profit human service organizations. We connect you directly to office supply vendors and other supply providers that can give you discounts for purchasing things in bulk or by taking advantage of our group discount opportunities.

Other Ways to Save

In addition to joining the Supply Source program to help you manage Head Start purchases, it is important to do your own evaluation of spending. Are you buying what you need or are you buying more than what you need? Do you need to purchase the name brand staples and tape or can you get by with generic versions that can help you save a lot of money throughout the course of a year? Compare the prices for the things that you buy now with the name brand and generic versions through the Supply Source program and you will see other ways that you can save beyond the bulk purchasing power of this free service.

Our team negotiates purchasing contracts with our suppliers to guarantee you the lower supply costs available nationwide. This strategy can help you to have the buying power of super large companies without having to be part of a larger organization. This is very beneficial to local Head Start programs that often operate completely on their own without benefit of connecting to other early childhood education programs in the area. Supply Source can even help you with one time purchasing for office equipment such as fax machines, computers, printers and copy machines.

Bulk ordering is another great way to reduce office supply costs. After doing an analysis of your annual spending, Supply Source can tell you how many reams of paper your office goes through on average in a year. Purchasing cases of paper ahead of time on an annual or quarterly basis will help you to lower supply costs even further through bulk purchasing. Even the act of buying five cases versus one case of copy paper can make a difference. We can even help you evaluate your janitorial supplies and get you discounts on toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, window cleaner and other essential supplies.

The Details on Joining Supply Source

A program like Supply Source that is free to join and provides early childhood education programs with discounts to help manage Head Start purchases and lower supply costs may seem to good to be true, but this service really is for real. There are absolutely no costs associated with our services outside of the purchases that you make for your office, janitorial, equipment and food supplies. The suppliers that we work with to help our clients reduce office supply costs pay us a small fee to connect them with organizations like yours.

Our team will conduct a savings analysis of your purchases before you buy anything through our program to give you an idea of how much money you can save through our services. Most likely your savings will be somewhere between 10-35 percent compared to last year’s annual costs for the same purchases. We are not a supplier. Our team consults with each client to find out which suppliers in our network of pre-vetted supply companies would provide the most savings on the things you purchase the most. We will take care of setting up all the accounts to provide you with the best possible customer service throughout your dealings with these companies.

Our services are available to early childhood education programs and other non-profit human service organizations nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. We can even set you up with suppliers that will deliver to rural areas throughout the United States that might not be available through other methods. Even if you only make just a few supply purchases throughout the year, you can still lower supply costs across the board through participation in the Supply Source program. Give us a call today at 1-866-248-4520 to reduce office supply costs and other early childhood education purchases right away!

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