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Child Nutrition Labels: CN Labels for CACFP
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Food & Supply Source and Child Nutrition Labels

The Child Nutrition (CN) Label program was established in 1984 in order to help identify qualifying manufactured food items as being creditable for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Prior to the establishment of the CN Label program, it had become increasingly difficult for CACFP operators to determine which processed and complex food items were creditable. The CN Label program makes it easier for operators to identify creditable items, and as a result, helps to ensure that children enrolled in CACFP are receiving nutritious meals. The CN Label program is an important part of the overall effort to improve the quality of child nutrition programs, and it continues to play a vital role in ensuring that children have access to healthy food options. The label provides all the necessary information without compromising the manufacturer’s recipes or trade secrets.

The USDA’s Quality Control requirements are very specific, and food plants must have detailed quality control plans in place in order to participate in the CN Label program. These plans must describe how the plant will verify and document proper ingredients, formulation, portion size, cooked weight, etc. In addition, the plant must have a system in place for monitoring and corrective action if any problems should arise. The goal of the Quality Control process is to ensure that food companies are producing safe, nutritious products that meet the highest standards. By adhering to these strict guidelines, food companies can be confident that their products will be of the highest quality and will meet the needs of their customers. Food & Supply Source helps all their members obtain CN label information to support their CACFP creditable menus.

These CN Labels clearly identify how a food item credits within the program. However, just because a food has a CN Label does not necessarily mean that it is healthy. CACFP operators must still exercise judgment and discernment in developing nutritious, balanced menus, even while using CN-labeled foods.  At Food & Supply Source we will not only be able to save you money but help in the development of these necessary items to participate in the CACFP program. By carefully selecting foods with high nutritional value, operators can ensure that the meals they serve are both healthful and crave-worthy. As an added bonus, they may also find that their food costs go down as a result of choosing more nutrient-dense options. Checkout our VIDEO.


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