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Study Proves the Long Term Benefits of Head Start Programs In response to questions about the value and effectiveness of early learning programs like Early Head Start and Head Start, a long term study was conducted that began back in the 1970s to show how children benefited and had greater success due to their participation. Greater success in school, test scores and even decreased involvement in crime for low-income children and families. The findings from the long term study confirm that Head Start administrators are on the right track and are having a positive influence on the lives of the children that participate in these programs. The Follow-up Study Results...
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Head Start Programs Make Big Difference to Children In-Need While studies have shown that Head Start programs are beneficial to low-income children and their families across the board, there is a particular group that benefit from it more than others. Children who come from families where there is very little academic stimulation, with parents who do not read to children or provide very little encouragement with letter and number recognition or word pronunciation, really need programs like Head Start so they can get a good start when it comes time to go to school. Head Start programs have been proven time and again through actual participant studies to help under-privileged...