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21 February 2014, by , in blog, Budgeting, Food, Head Start, Savings, Supplies, Uncategorized, Comments off
7 Ways to Reduce Administrative Supply Costs in Head Start The costs of running a Head Start Program aren’t always visible for those on the outside looking in, but having the ability to lower supply costs can be a big help for administrators who need to find new ways to work within the Head Start Program budget. Being able to reduce administrative costs can really help when it comes to reducing the overall annual budget. Most administrative and janitorial supply costs are relatively fixed, rarely varying from month-to-month as much as food or manufacturing supplies and costs might be. That makes it even easier to lower supply costs without having...
21 February 2014, by , in blog, Budgeting, Head Start, Savings, Software, Supplies, Uncategorized, Comments off
Why the Right Supply Chain Matters for Head Start Programs As budget cuts, inflation and increases in the number of families who depend on local Head Start Programs continue to rise, administrators continue to look for new ways to cut costs and reduce supply waste in order to keep doors open and services available to the children who need them. Millions of dollars are wasted on inefficient supply purchasing of office and janitorial supplies at early education programs each year. When administrators are able to better manage Head Start purchases they will effectively reduce annual costs and be able to invest those savings into other vital parts of the program...