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Decorating Your Child Care Center
5 January 2018, by , in blog, Design, Education, Education news, educational articles, Head Start, Comments off
How to Decorate Your Child Care Center Keyword: decorate your child care center Creating the perfect child care center environment means striking the right balance when it comes to decor. The space should be both warm and inviting, but also a center that’s creative and educational. Where do you begin? Check out our design tips for creating a child care center setting that’s equally functional and inspirational.  *For all product links in this article you can use code: V4701 for 20% OFF & Free Shipping on all orders over $100 Here’s what you need to decorate your child care center:   The Essentials Before you have fun picking out cute...
How Bulk Food Suppliers Can Help Reduce Head Start Budgets
25 September 2014, by , in blog, Food, Head Start, News, Comments off
How Bulk Food Suppliers Can Help Reduce Head Start Budgets Early childhood education is one of the most important things that we can provide to our children. Early education will help them to find success in school and throughout their lives. One program that has helped children from lower-class families gain access to quality education is Head Start. Unfortunately, despite the success of Head Start Programs, federal budgets cause many to vote to reduce funding to this program.  As a result, Head Start administrators look for new ways to cut costs without negatively impacting their community. What Head Start Provides Why are Head Starts important to the future of our country?...