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26 May 2015, by , in blog, Education, Food, Head Start, Health, Nutrition, Savings, Comments off
Improve Early Childhood Education: Get the Parents Involved There has been a lot in the news lately about high-quality preschool education. Last year the Head Start budget cuts that came by way of sequestration nearly crippled the early childhood education program, causing many facilities to shut down, while low-income children and their families across the country suffered. President Obama has called on Congress again and again to help local state governments pay for high-quality preschool education – not just any early learning program, but quality learning that is offered at Head Start programs. This is not a new request. The call for high-quality education for children under the age of...
28 July 2014, by , in blog, Budgeting, Education, Education news, Head Start, Comments off
The Many Benefits of Early Education Programs for Families Head Start administrators have an awesome responsibility. Studies show that early education programs have many more benefits than previous realized. Getting children ready for school by teaching them the basic fundamentals, which are often missed out on in low-income family situations where private preschool is not in the budget, is just part of the equation. Setting up a basic standard of healthcare, providing healthy nutrition, dental care opportunities and encouraging family participation are just some of the other jobs that Head Start administrators undertake. Budgeting for Benefits It is important for Head Start Programs to offer children and their families as...